9 comments on “Artist studios in Brisbane – empty spaces.

  1. you compare the negative non nurturing approach to art in brisbane to a nurturing one in melbourne-sure they have a site called creative space here in melbourne-but it’s all window dressing and painting a pretty picture (that doesn’t exist in reality).there is no difference btwn high rental studio spaces and those promoted in creative spaces.here as everywhere else all that counts is the mantra:no money no honey..all the spaces in melbourne are run like a business and as such are geared towards success.failure is not an option.but art needs to be allowed to fail at times -and this is something that governments in places like denmark and holland understand ,this is how the edinburgh festival first started-places and funds were provided,artists were supported,trusted -regardless of their success or failure-for they knew that all great art in order to ‘get there’ must not be affraid to fail at times..i would like to know if the 13 artists find a new home-and if so-if there is room for a 14th-moi.cheers!


    • Hi this is great thanks for the response. From what I hear the Danish and Dutch models are working well. Thanks for the clarification of the Melbourne model and that it is not as pretty as it seems. So long as artists can find somewhere cheap or for nothing. We are still working on solutions here and have less and less time but things do happen with hard work and lobbying – sometimes. Peter


      • would love to-if there was something to go to-have been wanting to move for a while now-as this environment is not a good one to bring our kids up in-they are great kids and deserve better-as it is the only interaction with other kids is at school-they go to an alternative school which i thought would be friendlier- but all it is is a bunch of tossers thinking they’re special..bla bla bla-i could go on for a while-but you get the picture..


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